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Home lighting enters a new era of intelligent control

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more families in the decoration, start the installation of intelligent lighting system, in order to provide a higher level of service and comfort, in order to set off the atmosphere to create a variety of Home Furnishing lighting effects, make life better. In this paper, the function, characteristics and application mode of modern home intelligent lighting and lighting control system are introduced in detail, and the design scheme of home intelligent lighting and lighting control system is introduced.
 1, the common function of home intelligent lighting
 Residents can easily achieve a touch screen remote control to a remote control room full of 25 road lighting used in the living room, master bedroom etc., of which 5 road lighting can freely adjust the light and brightness memory function can reach the scene, to create elegant life style, but also can achieve the purpose of energy saving. Households can achieve regional management and control of light, no need to manually turn off the lights turn on the lights, as long as a remote control in hand, you can control the light everywhere, as well as television control, to try to shut in the remote control, very convenient.
 Households can control the 16 most common street lights or electrical appliances for centralized controller in a restaurant, one by one to achieve full clearance of switch and the partition function; also can achieve a variety of functions to the scene. Tenants can use the computer to connect to the computer interface, you can use the computer interface with the application control interface, the realization of the entire house lights and appliances switch, scene, timing and other control functions.
 2, smart home system
 Smart home system mainly includes two systems: intelligent lighting and intelligent electrical appliance control. Intelligent lighting system is a system of intelligent control and management of lighting, compared with the traditional lighting, it can be achieved on the lamp dimming, a scene, a remote control and lights off partition management, and can use a variety of control methods to achieve the above functions, the main control mode for the wireless remote control and timing control, centralized control, remote control and etc., so as to achieve the intelligent lighting energy saving, environmental protection, comfortable and convenient function. Intelligent electric control system is the system of intelligent control and management of electrical appliances, the traditional appliances are not in individual form, management and control system, the intelligent electrical control system, like an invisible network, all can control appliances to combine organically the structure, form a overall, through this management system, users can realize the appliance centralized wireless remote control, timer switch control and remote control, and realize the scene management and control of electrical appliances.
 The intelligent lighting system can also link with the security system. When there is a warning situation, the lantern on the balcony of your house keeps flashing and alarming.
 3 、 the function and application of home intelligent lighting lighting control system
 To achieve the courtyard landscape lighting mode, night lighting pattern, welcoming entrance lighting pattern, family reception mode, home theater lighting lighting mode, home lighting mode, a common lighting mode, through the intelligent system of family family dinner lighting mode, mode of human nature, confused thief light and comfortable lighting combination lighting decoration in the family. Porch automatic lighting, in the setting of insufficient light time section, porch and corridor lighting can achieve "people come on, light, people go out lights."".
 When people enter the entrance of a time, whether in the home or away, the area light will brighten gradually, people to adapt to the changes of light. The final brightness can be set freely, and the light can be set automatically at any time within 0~255 s. When you leave home, press the home mode, the system can also automatically shut down all the lighting at home, not how big the housekeeper, do not need to check one by one, upstairs, downstairs, which lamp has not been closed.
 Master night urinate, foot landing after the program set good night all the lights along the need will automatically light up, go to bed after the bedside switch to press a key you can turn off all the lights. Night lighting mode, generally set the light within 85 s by dark gradually to 50% brightness, to let people in sleep wake up gradually adapt to the strength of the light.
 Toilet, kitchen ventilator automatic ventilation in the set time, and automatically shut down in the set after a period of time, in order to maintain the fresh air. Set up any lights on each floor, automatically set a certain period of time in the set time, and automatically shut down after setting a period of time, so as to imitate someone in the home, in case thieves. When you do not go home at night, you can remotely turn on and off your home anti thief lights. In the home security deployment case, if someone invades the home window, before he crossed the window, suddenly ringing the alarm home and automatically open the light will make "the visitor" fled.
 You can use to strengthen the theme wall irradiation downlight fade function enhancement in the theme of the wall in the mode of light flavor. Enter the entrance when traveling to the open area, on the ceiling lamp lights in different rows, different columns and different positions can set different fade time and different brightness, and ultimately the formation of wave effect. Home theater lighting mode, desk lamp, ceiling living room sofa on the lights and can set about 20% weak brightness, in order to adapt to the specific requirements of brightness. All intelligent lighting using the programming process, you can shape a variety of patterns required by the family, to achieve human, comfortable lighting combination.
 4 、 lighting of home intelligent lighting control system

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