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Demand analysis of technical personnel in LED lighting industry

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As an emerging industry, LED has made rapid progress in recent years with the strong support of national policy. With the expanding speed and scale of the industry, coupled with the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, LED industry talent gap has also been enlarged.
 The survey of LED enterprises, nearly 90% enterprises, said the current lack of talent phenomenon, only a very large number of enterprises, said the current talent to meet the needs of enterprises
 The orientation of the national policy, the support of governments at all levels, the huge market demand and the inflow of huge capital make the LED industry develop rapidly, and the demand for lighting professionals is very urgent. Even the industry believes that the lack of talent has become a drag on the development of LED industry "hind leg"".
 Lack of talent
 The education system lags behind the development of the industry. From the external environment, the education of lighting specialty in China started late. Show that before 1973, the domestic colleges do not offer professional lighting, then in the enterprise responsible for technical staff from most optical, electric vacuum, Portland, radio and other professionals, and the proportion is very low, only 1.7% of the total number of workers; skilled workers are often from factory technical school.
 Since 2010, colleges and universities have begun to offer electronic engineering, optoelectronic engineering, micro electronics engineering, optical engineering and other fields. But the current situation of the domestic lighting education is focused on the lighting and hardware technology education some colleges, others focus on soft lighting design education, and the education level of lighting should be further improved. Judging from the actual situation, in a short period of time it is not realistic to send a large number of talents to solve the plight of the talents in the lighting industry.
 Zhuhai topopto panel Lighting Co., Ltd. chairman Yao Huaiju believes that the high-end professional technical personnel in LED lighting industry is seriously insufficient, the reason for this situation is the lack of depth study of the China industry in pursuit of insufficient investment and management professional training and technical personnel. From the industry perspective, in recent years the development of the LED blowout, attracted massive funds and personnel into the LED industry, resulting in a number of industry scale and the rapid expansion of enterprises, talent demand of the just, a lot of jobs need professional talent to complete. Education system lags behind the development speed of the industry, which is the most important reason for the lack of LED technical personnel.
 The quality of talents is low. In addition to the constraints of the education system, a considerable number of enterprises in the process of the respondents mentioned in one of the most important factors is the technical personnel in the industry is more impetuous, lack of studying technology spirit, no long-term occupation planning, often through constant job hopping to enhance treatment.
 Shenzhen City Ming Electronics Limited by Share Ltd executive director Yin Zhigang believes that part of the young talents failed to bear the heart down for pay rise, there is no long-term occupation planning, seeking salary but by way of job hopping.
 As can be seen below, more than 5 years of technical engineers, accounting for only 33%.
 Besides the technical personnel's own question, the enterprise welfare treatment also needs to raise. From the research situation, the salary in 3000-5000 accounted for 26.7%, 5000-10000 accounted for 48%, add up to the overall proportion of 74.7%; technical staff salaries of more than 15000 accounted for only 5.3%, the proportion of people paid less attractive to professional and technical personnel. Overall lower than other industry engineers salary level
 Salary scale diagram (Note: this chart is for industry engineers)
 Other reasons. In addition to the above reasons, enterprises in the construction and training of talent system is also lack of due attention. At present, the industry in addition to some larger first-line enterprises, a little talent system construction concept, SMEs are almost no concept of talent. Igor electric Limited by Share Ltd chief engineer Xiong Chuangao said that many companies in order to industry upstream business, providing technical support for the downstream company, resulting in a lot of enterprises especially poor company, depends entirely on the vendor's FAE (on-site technical support engineer, pre-sales customer service Service Engineer), the pursuit of fast track, lose the motivation of autonomous learning. This trend is even more aggravating as industry competition intensifies.
 What are the most popular enterprises?
 From the survey situation, the entire industry in the technical talent gap is very large, was mentioned most of the demand for types of work, roughly divided into three categories.
 One is R & D engineer. A team of top engineers or engineers with technical skills and ability to accomplish research and development is the core of enterprise development and the most pressing need of the enterprise. At present, the core of the patent technology of LED, has always been firmly in the hands of our enterprises, Chinese enterprise has always been in the crevice to survive the embarrassment; domestic enterprises is still in "staking" seize the market stage, the lack of long-term development concept, lack of talent system construction idea. Therefore, the engineers with real technical strength are the enterprises that do not hesitate to do so. The Chinese LED enterprises are not short of money, but this kind of talent is very difficult at home.
 The second is project engineer. A technical engineer with management team experience is also one of the most lacking talents in the enterprise. Hu Xiaokun, a customer manager at Foshan Voight testing technology services, noted that experienced project engineers are the most demanding and hardest to hire. On the one hand, the particularity of the engineer's profession has increased its management difficulty, and most of the leaders of the enterprises do not understand the technology, so it is difficult to understand the real demands of the engineers,

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